The “Dress for Respect” : this dress, which can detect the touching done to women

"The Dress for Respect" : cette robe qui permet de détecter les attouchements faits aux femmes

To better portray the reality, the real, Schweppes and advertising agency Ogilvy, have developed a dress fitted with sensors capable of detecting the slightest touch suffered, in real-time.

"The Dress for Respect" : cette robe qui permet de détecter les attouchements faits aux femmesSexual harassment at work: a new campaign to free the paroleHarcèlement sexual : students will révoltentUn squirrel arrested for harassment sexuelCoupe of the world : a campaign of pub funny and sexy for the sextoysHarcèlement in transport : why the billboard campaign shocks us

Any part of a statement building : in Brazil, more than 86% of women* say that they are victims of harassment, particularly during outings and in the clubs. And not that. Festivals, concerts, evenings out, there are many places and events where women could be at risk of actions that are totally unacceptable on the part of the male race. Last may, the giant of the beverage Schweppes and advertising agency Ogilvy Brazil came up with the idea of developing a dress connected capable of detecting gestures unwanted throughout the evening.
Dubbed “The Dress for Respect”, to understand “The dress of respect”, the project has seen the light of day in the context of an advertising campaign like no other. If it appeared there a few months, thousands of kilometres away, it starts nice and well to talk outside, and we arrive, social networks require.

For the needs of this spot of awareness of the harassment, three women have served as “guinea pigs” in a club of Sao Paulo, the time of the evening. Rhabillées of THE dress long sleeves and cowl neck to avoid being judged too “seductive”, they are then lent to the technology and experience to help to see the real.
And it is cold in the back.

Verdict : in 03h47 evening and celebration, the three women have been affected 157 times in an inappropriate manner. Over 40 times per hour. The dress equipped with sensors allowing to calculate the exact number of touching without consent, the intensity of these and their location. Arms, hips, back, everything, and it is clear that it came from the hands of these gentlemen. Impossible to deny as a monitoring screen allowed the project team to view in real time. A video that the ad agency has also taken pains to watch some of the men present during the evening in order to raise awareness and to make them aware of their gestures – serious –.

What to do to stop this inappropriate behaviour ? In any case, the giant Schweppes, which wants to position itself as the companion of good nights to all and in compliance, will have marked the spirits, and we hope a greater awareness real.

* a study published in Think Olga.

Check out the advertising campaign “The Dress for Respect” by Schweppes and Olgivy Brazil :

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