The driver who took mortally the child of 2 years was on the phone

Le conducteur qui a fauché mortellement l'enfant de 2 ans était au téléphone

In the framework of the investigation on the accident of Lunéville Saturday, Meurthe-et-Moselle, the video-surveillance of the street has been screened and has helped to identify the driver who struck and fatally wounded the child of 2 years.

This 48 year old man has been arrested and placed in police custody. “It appears that the driver in question was on the phone at the time of the facts,” said the prosecutor of the Republic of Nancy.

The suspect has admitted being at the wheel of this pickup truck, a vehicle of his employer that he was driving for personal purposes without authorization.

He said he has actually felt a shock and that he would have had to stop because he has seen a woman make gestures in his direction.

“He has no clear memories on the fact that he was in the middle of a call at the time of the accident,” explained the prosecutor of the Republic of Nancy.

This man, unknown to the service police, should be submitted on Monday to the public prosecutor in order to open a judicial information.