The Dutch have shown the symbiosis of toy cars and chainsaws

Голландцы показали симбиоз игрушечного авто и бензопилы

A toy car is dispersed up to 50 km / h. Famous for its unusual projects, a group of Dutch enthusiasts Master Milo gathered symbiosis toy car and a chainsaw. This miracle is capable of speeds up to 50 km/h, reports the with reference to Autoblog.

The basis for her next non-trivial project in Master Milo took a normal toy car on which you typically ride small children. The movement of the machine results in 0,6-liter engine from a chainsaw for cutting metal with a power of about 4 HP. Children’s wheel supplied with metal handles “gas,” and improvised ignition.

Other structural modifications had to be abandoned due to the lack of necessary space. Therefore, to slow the riders have only their own feet. Test on a flat, straight road allowed to disperse the car up to 50 km/h. Ride on such a vehicle convenience is no different, so fearless test pilot a few times, she lost balance and went over. But, in General, the toy turned out to be quite manageable and fast.

But, most important, that the machine is consistent with the allowed in the Netherlands, the speed limit for city driving is 50 km/h. Incidentally, the same limit applies recently in Ukraine.

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