The DVR recorded the appearance of a second moon in the sky

Видеорегистратор зафиксировал появление второй Луны на небе

Incredible event occurred on the full moon.

The other day a motorist was posted on YouTube a video recorded by the DVR. Video interested not only ordinary users, but also scientists, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

The camera was recording everything on the road passing scenery, when a man was driving late in the evening. At one point in the lens were a full Moon, and in another moment a second object that looks indistinguishable from our natural satellite. Outer body size was identical to the moon, plus, too, glowed.

The astronomers were surprised when they saw the movie. Now they’re wondering what could be the second object. According to their review, there are no such bodies in the Solar system that could approach so close to each other to be seen with the naked eye and at the same time.

Perhaps the motorist saw the halo effect, which occurs round due to the refraction of light in ice crystals. Moreover, it is worth noting, halo-disk is often uneven (has bright spots on the sides), plus it occurs very rarely.

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