The earth will attack the most powerful streams of cosmic – scientists

Землю будут атаковать мощнейшие космические потоки, - ученые

Galactic cosmic rays are high-energy electrons, protons, and nuclei of chemical elements

Scientists have developed a model of flows of cosmic radiation for the next 30 years and came to the conclusion that they will be about 2.5 times more powerful than now, writes the with reference for Today.

Galactic cosmic rays are high-energy electrons, protons, and nuclei of chemical elements. Their activity varies depending on the sun during each 11-year cycle in the following way. During periods of high solar activity, the flux of cosmic rays decreases as they are protecting us like a shield, the solar plasma. But in periods of low solar activity, the protection is weakened and galactic flows increase.

In the next two 11-year period solar activity is expected to be minimal. If last period at the maximum of it ranged in the region of 70 of wolf numbers (it is related to the number of dark spots on the sun), in the future cycle, which will come in 1-2 years, maximum wolf number is expected only around 30. Such a decline in solar activity will lead to increased fluxes of cosmic rays of approximately 2.5 times compared to figures in previous periods.

The prediction of such flows is very important for manned space missions, because galactic rays can threaten working people in orbit. In the future, such methods of calculation of activity will help the scientists to calculate the possible danger from radiation fields before and interplanetary missions.

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