The ECHR ordered to pay compensation to the dealer from Kropiwnicki

ЕСПЧ обязал выплатить компенсацию наркоторговцу из Кропивницкого

On Tuesday, February 12, the press service of the European court of human rights announced that the court has obliged Ukraine to pay convicted for drug trafficking Ukrainian €4 thousand, of which €2.5 million for non – pecuniary damage and €1.5 million for litigation expenses. The reason was the violation of his rights during detention, reports

In 2007, the drug dealer Basil Yakub militiamen detained in Kropyvnyts’ke. During a covert operation he was sold to the relevant agent under cover syringes with opium. Trading transactions recorded on hidden camera. In June 2007 the criminal “got” 8 years in prison.

In 2008, Jacob filed an appeal, but achieved nothing. During the trial, he had complained of ill-treatment by the police, but the court dismissed the complaint and the actions of the police were acquitted: the criminal himself before that claimed that “tried after the arrest to get rid of drugs”, so state agencies were forced to use force.

It is this silence on the part of Ukrainian court and was the main reason for the decision of the ECHR for compensation.

In its decision the European court also relied on the fact that the defendant could not question the undercover agent and study the video recording of the operation, and the government has not provided the required copies of documents from the case, which required the defendant to such a claim in the ECHR.