The election campaign of the progressive conservatives was aimed against the media and the Ghost of Patrick brown (PHOTO)

Предвыборная кампания прогрессивных консерваторов была нацелена против СМИ и призрака Патрика Брауна (ФОТО)

Campaign Manager Doug Ford said that the Progressive conservative party of Ontario had to face before the election, with four opponents – standing in power the Liberal party, New democratic party, the Ghost of the former leader of the progressive conservative Patrick brown and the media.

In the ensuing election analysis of Tenace Corey, who previously worked as head of Department for public relations at the former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, outlined the difficulties faced to the progressive conservatives under the leadership of Ford, before the party had an opportunity to form a majority government.

Tenace reminded that the progressive conservatives were forced to start a campaign just five weeks after Ford led the party after the sudden resignation of brown, caused by allegations of illegal sexual behavior, which he denies.

As it turned out, the election campaign in the end had to fight against brown because the departure of the former leader showed that within the party, too, is a struggle. Progressive conservative party of Ontario has also decided “to conduct a campaign against the media”, releasing its own branded content designed to target voters.

Tenace consider the strategy of online advertising party the key to winning the progressive conservatives, because that was aimed at voters in different regions, where they have more chances to win.

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