The elk-albino became famous after a fight with a lawnmower

Лось-альбинос прославился после схватки с газонокосилкой

You have never seen.

Pets just don’t like vacuum cleaners and similar equipment, trying to get away from the strange noisy pieces away. Wild beasts, as it turned out, to retreat not used: giant moose-albino entered into an unequal battle with the mower not paying attention to the camera, reports the with reference for a Fresher.

Moose calmly had Breakfast apples from the nearest tree, when he turned the automated mower, set by the owners of the site. The beast didn’t hesitate for an instant – he lunged at a strange object for half a minute and turned the robot into a heap of rubble. The whole scene was caught on video passing of Marianne Nicklasson. The woman admitted that at some point scared attacked the elk, having finished with the mower, he stared directly into the car.

For the first time dazzling white elk came in sight of the Swedes a year ago. Amazing creation dubbed the “Spirit elk” – hunting it is prohibited.

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