The eruption of the Hawaiian volcano led to subsidence of the soil

Извержение гавайского вулкана привело к проседанию почвы

On the ocean floor, there is also an earthquake.

The USGS has published a video made by a drone, which you can see the scale of destruction, crater of Kilauea volcano. Just a few months the surface around the crater sank by more than ten meters, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

We should also mention the lava. If you look at the numerous videos taken by witnesses and compare them with previously posted shots, it becomes clear that the composition of the lava changed: the substance became more liquid and hot (its temperature is now above 1500°C).

Noteworthy is also the fact that subsidence, that of bringing it up. So, for example, the following is data shows the zone where the oscillations occur more than 10 centimeters. When one area sags, the other like blown out. Yet scientists are at a loss to explain this phenomenon.

As suggested by some experts, the reason for hesitation may be a moving mantle plume in the South-East of the island. The movement of the plume produces earthquakes that occur on the seafloor.

Further events may develop in two stories: either it will form a new volcano, or Wake up the volcano, Loihi, is located underwater.

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