The european: Loiseau, not a candidate but still in great oral

Européennes: Loiseau, pas candidate mais tout de même en grand oral

“Not a candidate” but all the same approached to lead the list LREM in the next elections, the minister of european Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, more and more “offensive”, will measure its shift policy Thursday in a debate in the face of Marine Le Pen.

A minister assures us: “everyone is expected to look at ! It’s going to be a real test for it”. Opposite to the patron of the national Gathering on Thursday night on France 2 in the context of The “Emission policy”, Nathalie Loiseau will have their performance scrutinized and picked apart.

In the Face of Marine Le Pen, Ms. Loiseau should logically first answer on-the-ground technique.

“Marine Le Pen will try to talk about everything except Europe. Nathalie Loiseau has everything to win: if she is doing well, it will be noticed. If it +crashes+, we say: +the Face of The Pen, this is normal+” calling a minister.

“Nathalie Loiseau, knows very well the folders. It is offensive,” says one close to the head of State. “But the question is: is this is it that people wait to vote ? I think they expect people who bring together. This is what we will see on Thursday. For a top of the list, it is necessary to have a story to tell”, he says.

Because at 10 weeks of voting in the European, and then a decision should take place “within 10 days” says a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, The Republic in march has yet to announce the name of its leader.

Regularly the eyes will turn to the former director of the ENA, aged 54 years, who yet proclaims from the rooftops: “I am not a candidate and the president never told me not asked”. His entourage-complete: it will go “where the president considers to be the most useful.” Without that, it broke into quite the mystery.

“The only question is: where is it needed most ? The government to manage the Brexit, or as a candidate ?” asks echo as a minister.

This lack of from the minister is it real ? Or cache-there’s another ambition, that of the post of european commissioner, as the murmur of a source in Brussels ? Or expresses-does he still have the will to protect themselves if it was not successful?

– “Everything to gain” –

In the meantime, this close to Alain Juppé has an increasing number of supporters in macronie of all trends, which would lead the list LREM-MoDem.

“There is more to be in the mood for it”, is having fun a part of the group of deputies LREM. “This is the most competent to talk about Europe”, he insists, panegyric.

“This is a woman of very great skill, who has done a remarkable job to defend the interests of France in Europe. We can only recognize its qualities”, and further welcomes the secretary of State Gabriel Attal.

Its detractors consider it “terribly techno” and point out the precariousness of his seat. “The odds of Agnès Buzyn (minister of Health) is mounted in arrow as soon as his name is released (hypothetically lead the list). Ac installation in hollow the question of the legitimacy of Loiseau. It seems to me a little weak in debates very tough,” stings a mp LREM.

In return, his supporters point with pride to the transformation of the minister, more incisive. Ms. Loiseau has in recent weeks raised the tone, particularly in the face of Marine Le Pen in the media interposed, or in the chamber, accusing him of uttering “a lie a day”, “embroider fables” and say “no matter what”.

“Sometimes the problem of ministers so-called experts is that they do not have an appetite for the political fight. It, one feels that she has it. It gives an interesting map”, highlights Gilles Boyer, policy advisor of Edouard Philippe.

“As soon as she is better informed on european issues, she can focus on the policy, the forms, because she knows that she can’t be in danger on the bottom. This is his trump card first,” he says again.