The european: Loiseau “takes the risk” but needs to speed up its molt

Européennes: Loiseau "prend son risque" mais doit accélérer sa mue

“Ready” to lead the list LREM elections in may, the minister of european Affairs Nathalie Loiseau has received Friday the support of the majority. But it will have to accentuate his rise in political power in a campaign that is likely to be tense.

In contemplation for several weeks to carry the banner of The Republic on the election of 26 may, Ms. Loiseau was launched on Thursday evening at the end of a debate in the face of Marine Le Pen on France 2. “I’m ready to be a candidate”, she announced, under the eye bantering of the patron saint of the RN who has mocked a statement “radio-controlled”.

The minister is responsible for “taking his risk”, taking up for one of the expressions fetishes Emmanuel Macron, who would not been given advance notice of the decision of Mrs. Loiseau.

“When she got back on the tray, it was still only a hypothesis”, ensures his entourage, claiming that the “outrageous” behaviour by Marine Le Pen “has decided to launch”. “It’s been several days that the president, the Prime minister, executives of the majority said that this would be an ideal candidate. In his head, it was a storm beneath a skull”, according to this source.

Ms. Loiseau has immediately received several expressions of support, starting with Edouard Philippe, juppéiste like her, who has welcomed the “good news”, followed by several members of the government (Marlène Schiappa, Gabriel Attal, Benjamin Griveaux…). The Prime minister has also praised an “excellent minister, who knows remarkably well in his records,” with “a political meaning very end and who is also a woman extremely determined and defiant”.

“Our list is intended to embody a credibility on european issues, and Nathalie Loiseau was better placed. It’s very good that she has done this act of nomination”, has abounded from the AFP to the deputy LREM Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade.

Now out of the woods, Ms. Loiseau must formally receive the dubbed the national commission for the party nomination. Then will come the question of his departure from government in order to devote himself to the campaign, thus opening a potential window for an output of the spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux, which is eyeing its next to the city hall of Paris.

– “Hyper technocrat” –

While the campaign promises to be picked up, but also scathing, in a global context of reconstruction policy, his camp expects Ms. Loiseau that it muscle its game.

Because the foundation of his candidacy is based primarily on its expertise, acquired after more than 25 years in the French diplomacy, from Jakarta to Washington.

Other side of the coin, this former director of the ENA is also regarded as being far too “techno”. “I am delighted that you are the head of the list, you are hyper technocrat”, was quick to comment on Ms. Le Pen on Thursday, drawing the main angle of attack of the national Gathering.

“She, she has a vision of +techno+, book”, has engaged the spokesperson for the RN Sébastien Chenu Friday on Public Senate.

Its supports rather put in prior to its moult policy since its entry to the government. An adviser to the government boasts about its “panache” to go “challenge” Marine Le Pen and “succeed sometimes has him stand up” : “I say, cap!”.

A communicator close to the executive, more sceptical, believes that it “won’t crash, but is not output vainqueure” a joust “, which was not a very good level”. As to his declaration of candidacy : “it was guignolesque!”

LREM could find a workaround by promoting alongside Ms. Loiseau several figures of different sensitivities. “Nathalie Loiseau within a group of four heads of list seems to me very good”, slipped to the AFP ecologist Daniel Cohn-Bendit, support of LREM.

For the opposition, including the left, the issue is not as first target Mme Loiseau that to interfere in the arms of iron LREM-RN, far ahead of other parties in the polls.

“Ms. Loiseau made the choice to announce his candidacy during a debate in the face of Ms. Le Pen” which “says a lot about the will to impose to our people a choice of gearbox between the liberals and the fachos”, has twisted the head of the list of the CPF Ian Brossat.