The european: LREM entérinera the head of the list on Tuesday

Européennes: LREM entérinera sa tête de liste mardi

The Republic on entérinera Tuesday its head of list for the european elections, announced the president’s party, thus contradicting the sources that had previously evoked the niche of Monday evening.

The executive board extraordinary will be held on Tuesday at 13h, just before a press conference introducing his result, indicated to the AFP the entourage of the Stanislaus Guerini, the general delegate of LREM.

Unless huge surprise, the party will place the minister of european Affairs Nathalie Loiseau -who was forced to resign Monday in the government – at the top of her list in common with its allies in the MoDem, to Act (the centre-right pro-Macron) and the radicals. The n°2 will be the environmentalist Pascal Canfin, former minister of the government Ayrault and current director of the WWF France.

According to a part of the majority, the holding of the meeting on Tuesday was “provided, that the list will only leak is not”.

According to the party, the constitution of the list is not on the agenda executive board regular scheduled Monday night.