The European Parliament called on to put an end to the “Nord stream-2”

Европарламент призвал поставить крест на "Северном потоке-2"

In a resolution adopted at the meeting of the European Parliament not only condemned the Russian aggression in the sea of Azov, but also identifies possible sanctions for a foreign policy. A separate paragraph in the resolution is the project “Northern stream-2”, which MEPs urged to block.

Voted, the resolution stresses that “Nord stream-2” is “a political project that represents a threat to European energy security.” Ukraine in resolution praise for the cooperation in the energy sector, for achievements in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. States that Ukraine plays a crucial role in the European energy network, and therefore MEPs are opposed to the pipeline to bypass Ukraine.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called the best, in his opinion, anti-Russian sanctions. Klimkin believes that the best method of deterrence would be the refusal of Europe from participation in the project “Northern stream-2”. In addition, the Minister is convinced that Europe should think of “creative” sanctions.

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