The everyday life of couples: Lily-rose Depp and Timothy Salame on a date in new York

Timothy Salame and Lily-rose Depp

Despite the fact that 19-year-old Lily-rose Depp and 22-year-old Timothy Salame officially my novel has not yet confirmed (and recently model and is suspected that she has a new boyfriend), the relationship of this pair appear to be getting stronger. Yesterday, Lily-rose and Timothy filmed in SOHO in new York. Lovers met to have lunch together at one of the restaurants of the city.

For Dating the daughter of johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis chose a comfortable way. She was dressed in a black cropped jacket, blue jeans and black sneakers, and accessories she was wearing sunglasses and red bag from Chanel, worn over the shoulder.

Timothy also prefer the casual style. He was dressed in a long jacket from Columbia, black pants and high top sneakers from Louis Vuitton. Headdress he was a black baseball cap.

As eyewitnesses told, the couple was quite restrained — they didn’t even take each other’s hands when walking around. However, the chemistry between them was visible to the naked eye.

Recall that for the first time about the affair of the pair talking in October, when eyewitnesses saw them kissing in new York. Met Lily-rose and Timothy, apparently, in the film “the King” (The King), in which they both starred.

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