The expert explained how and why you need to warm up the car engine

Эксперт рассказал, как и зачем нужно прогревать двигатель автомобиля

This procedure is important for both old and modern cars.

With the onset of winter motorists raises many questions. For example, some engines need to warm up, and how to do it, reports the with reference to PolitekA.

The engine of the old generation

We are talking about a carbureted engine. If we talk about cold start, the old carbureted engines are different from the modern system of mixture formation has many weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Thick oil for a long time hot, and then cold start for such machines is fraught with consequences.

But that does not mean you have half an hour to stand and wait until the arrow of the temperature sensor will be tightened up to operating temperature. Experts say that it is enough five minutes to warm up the car, and after smoothly and without promotion revs to start moving.

The modern engine

Now the rules of operation of the vehicle is significantly simplified. Modern engines have a different method of control of fuel injection. Also, it should be noted that the changed quality of fuel, oils and automotive additives.

New engines can be warmed up in 2-3 minutes. Main smoothly start moving without sudden jerks.

Also, it’s worth noting, the diesel engine, at idle, heats up very long. Warm it also need about two minutes, and the remaining nodes will heat up during movement.

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