The expert explained how much are the personalised number plates in Ukraine

Эксперт рассказал, сколько стоят именные номера в Украине

The processing rooms up to one month.

Long gone are the days of cars with unique appearance from different body shops, and stand out from the stream to still want many. Someone is tuning or making your car a bright color, but there are drivers who have found another way, reports the with reference to UAmotors.

One of the ways to show your personality – this, at first glance, an ordinary and standard as are the rooms. Will leave for later numerology and Feng Shui, talk about personal rooms and the common “cool” combination of numbers.

Now absolutely legal and you can replace your ordinary rooms into a special. On the license plate of standard size to offer a combination of numbers, words or combination of letters.

To book these rooms, you need to visit the website of a company that provides such services and make a request (you can personally stop by the office, but not necessarily). For registration, you must provide the following documents:

– copy of car registration certificate – copy of passport of owner of vehicle

After payment verify, the desired combination of characters (if they are busy – will suggest to choose something similar, in addition there is a list of words and combinations that are forbidden). Then wait for a month. Certified firms also process and issue you with a document of the Department of internal Affairs about the results of individual rooms.

By the way, the cost of services depends on the “steepness” of the combination. Prices at the moment are:

Эксперт рассказал, сколько стоят именные номера в Украине

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