The expert spoke about the terrible impact of the stolen artifact of Tutankhamun

Эксперт рассказал о страшном воздействии украденного артефакта Тутанхамона

Two tubes of the Egyptian Pharaoh cause disasters.

The trumpet of Tutankhamun is two long thin straight pipe was found in 1922, a detachment of British archaeologist Howard Carter in the tomb of the young Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, according to the with reference on Paranormal news.

One of the tubes made of silver and wood, the other of bronze or copper (accurate studies have not been conducted) and both are considered to be the oldest working tubes and only surviving in full pipes of Ancient Egypt.

Bronze trumpet was found in the room in front of the camera with the sarcophagus and was in a casket, which also contained various weapons and a cane. Silver trumpet lying in the burial chamber itself.

On the wide part of the pipe finely engraved miniature images of the gods RA, Ptah and Amun. The widest part another pipe decorated with drawings in the form of leaves and flowers of the Lotus.

Silver tube length of 57 cm, bronze is a little shorter.

Silent for more than 3 millennia bronze trumpet sounded on April 16, 1939, when the Cairo Museum was arranged in a special concert with a live broadcast on BBC radio for 150 million listeners. And just five minutes before the broadcast throughout the building was out of electricity, so the pipe had to play by candlelight.

But five months after this view, Britain entered the war against Germany and the Second World war.

Later, former Minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass and Egyptologist Hala Hassan has repeatedly claimed that the trumpets of Tutankhamun associated dark and mysterious force that can cause wars, and kill the lights in the entire city.

And it was not only the precedent of 1939, the trumpet and later played several times, including almost before the six-day Arab-Israeli war in 1967, and in 1990, just before the beginning of the war in the Persian Gulf and in 2011, exactly a week before the Egyptian revolution, when the representative of the Cairo Museum decided to demonstrate the sound of the pipes before the Japanese delegation.

There are also reports that at least two more times during attempts to play the trumpet of Tutankhamun in Cairo was cut down electricity.

In 2011, when the bronze trumpet was played one last time, after the beginning of the revolution during the attack by looters at the Museum the pipe was stolen and it disappeared. But suddenly and mysteriously found several weeks later.

May those who stole it found out about the terrible power of the pipe and hastened to get rid of the cursed object. Since 2011, a bronze trumpet of Tutankhamun, according to the English Wikipedia, nobody played…

Эксперт рассказал о страшном воздействии украденного артефакта Тутанхамона

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