The failure of the “Roskosmos” ridiculed a funny cartoon

Провал «Роскосмоса» высмеяли забавной карикатурой

The Network has fun version of “Roscosmos” about the strange damage to the ISS.

In Russia the cartoon ridiculed the statement that the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09” damaged the Americans to deliver on the Land of one of the sick astronauts. This strange version is voiced in “the Russian space Agency,” reports the with reference to Probably, therefore Russia is trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for the negligence of a single employee. After all, in earlier version, an employee of “Energy” showed negligence and irresponsibility, finding a small hole, it is not reported to the authorities about it, and patched it with glue. The cartoon, which reacted to the statement of “Roskosmos”, has placed “Lentic”.

Провал «Роскосмоса» высмеяли забавной карикатурой

Earlier, a special Commission of Roskosmos investigating an emergency on the ISS air leak, came to the conclusion that “the situation was much more difficult” than the version on the negligence of Russian specialists on the ground. “Russian specialists have already asked NASA data recorders astronauts and their existing medical conditions. If this version is confirmed, then in Russian-American relations in space would be dealt a severe blow”, – said Roscosmos.

In the Russian Federation already tried to absolve themselves of responsibility, voicing the incredible version. So, one of them is about space commandos – was the reason for the contest of poetic parodies

We will remind, an air leak in the Russian module of the International space station recorded on August 30, which led to serious disagreements between members of the 56th expedition.

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