The failure of this product will help prevent stroke

Отказ от этого продукта поможет предотвратить инсульт

Found diet that provides the body protection from brain hemorrhage.The journal Stroke published data from a study of scientists from UK, clear about the definition that the diet has a significant impact on the risk of brain stroke, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

In particular, the researchers concluded: increase in the diet of fresh fish, nuts, fruits, cereals and potatoes while reducing the consumption of dairy products and meat effectively reduces the risk of stroke. On average, this risk is reduced by 17 percent.

The authors of the study analyzed health information on 23 232 people aged 40 to 77 years, who was going for 17 years. These data scientists have correlated with dietary patterns of the subjects. Thus, revealed: the diet that resembles the Mediterranean diet, provides the body protection from brain hemorrhage.

The Mediterranean diet features high consumption of vegetables, cereals, olive oil and low – dairy products, meat. Experts have found that special favor this type of food brings to women. According to them, adhering to such diet gives the effect of the 22% risk reduction of stroke in women, while in men a similar risk is reduced only by 6%.

The study of how this type of power works on people who have already been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, has also identified its advantage for women is they decrease the risk of stroke was 20%, men – 13%. Scientists still don’t know what could explain this difference, but hypothetically attribute this to differences between different subtypes of stroke in the two sexes.

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