The famous singer took to the red carpet in costume disco ball

Знаменитая певица вышла на красную дорожку в костюме диско-шара

Taylor swift admired the incredible weight loss.Not so long ago fans were shocked appearance of Taylor swift, which, to put it mildly, “launched” himself and has noticeably gained weight. Criticism was intentional!

It seems, after reading angry comments of fans, the singer decided to fix the situation, because at yesterday’s American Music Awards 2018 it showed emaciated figure, writes the with reference to the news of Yu.

On the red carpet of the event, Taylor appeared in a glittering short dress at waist by Balmain, so the outfit emphasized a slender star shape. Complement the image high boots from the same material as the dress and geometric earrings, and Ofira rings from Lorraine Schwartz.

Yesterday, however, Taylor became a star not only of the red carpet, but the entire award, because she got the main award – “Best artist of the year”. By the way, this is the third statue of Taylor in this category. Only Taylor swift has the 23rd awards AMA that made her the record holder award (in the past, this record belonged to the singer Houston).

Знаменитая певица вышла на красную дорожку в костюме диско-шара

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