The father of 7-month-old baby caught the Brooklyn bridge, back from Thailand

Отца 7-месячного малыша, выловленного у Бруклинского моста, вернули из Таиланда

The father of 7-month-old baby caught the Brooklyn bridge, back from Thailand

Author: Katerina Moskalets


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Today, August 10, police arrested 37-year-old James Curry the father of 7-month-old child, recovered dead from the East river last weekend.

According to the police yesterday, the man was taken to new York from Thailand, where he fled the next day after hikers found the body of his son Mason Saldana in the river by the Brooklyn bridge.

As has established a consequence, on Saturday, August 3, the boy’s mother Julia Dejesus Saldana gave his father. Recording from surveillance cameras near the apartment Kyurri confirms that the child was in the father’s house. After that the living baby was not seen.

The same camera recorded as the next day, Curry leaves the apartment with the backpack and the other as he goes with him to the side of the East river. On the same day the boy’s body in a diaper was caught at the Brooklyn bridge. Eyewitnesses said that around the baby floated backpack.

Monday, August 6, a few hours before Mason’s mother told the police that her child not in the nursery, Curry boarded a plane to Bangkok. On arrival in Thailand, he was arrested and returned to the United States.

The cause of death is currently not known, said the chief of the detective service the NYPD Dermot Shea.

James Curry must now be brought before the court, where he will be charged with concealment of a corpse. Later the man can be charged with additional charges.

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