The father of Meghan Markle admitted to having lied to Prince Harry scandalous photos

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

74-year-old Thomas Markle once again gave an interview and said that three to the wedding of his daughter Megan called him the future son-in-law Prince Harry. Information about the phone call he shared with the British tabloid The Daily Mail. The history of the conflict with Meghan Markle lasts from mid-may of this year and the father of the Duchess of Sussex, apparently, do not lose hope to continue to exploit the possibility of fast enrichment at the scandalous news.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The reason for the conversation with Prince Harry steel photos where it was obvious that with Markle taking measurements for a suit to the wedding ceremony. Although the guest list at that time was not. As according to an official statement Kensington Palace, father will not be able to come to England for health reasons.

At this time Thomas Markle was in the medical center of CHULA Vista in San Diego and was recovering from a heart attack, which, as it turned out, he actually faked in order to attract the attention of the daughter and the media.

Thomas Markle

Before the story with the pictures got to the press, Prince Harry called the father of his future wife to know about the truth whether he was involved in collusion with the paparazzi. Later it became known that the photographer received about 100 thousand pounds for the “exclusive” footage, and Thomas paid a little less.

No, I took measurements for hoodies— lied Markle Prince Harry.

Three days later after the whole story was available to the public, Prince Harry made another call.If you’d listened, this would never have happened, ‘ said Harry, referring to the situation with photos.

But Thomas Markle did not listen to the Prince and now in his every statement offends his own daughter and blames the Royal family that is this is where they changed his daughter and stood in the way of their reconciliation.

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