The father of Meghan Markle has given a new interview in an attempt to reconcile with his daughter: “I want Megan stopped believing the lie”

The father of 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex Thomas Markle struggling to defend their honor and prove to the public that everything that about it write mass-media, not true. In today’s edition of The Mail published a long interview in which he told that I am very saddened that not only will be celebrating Christmas with her daughter, but did not get her holiday cards or not hear her greeting over the phone.

I made dozens of attempts to contact her daughter, but he and Harry had built a wall between us. They didn’t believe me and reporters that put me in a bad light. So again, I look to them to fix it.

Everyone says why don’t I shut up? They write about the fact that Megan doesn’t talk to me because I can give you some of her secrets. But this is nonsense,

he said.

Thomas Markle

As evidence that he really had a heart attack (for this reason, as written in the Western media, he was not present at his daughter’s wedding), Thomas Markle provided the newspaper with copies of medical documents and even photo faded plane ticket for the first wedding Megan by Trevor Angelzoom (said allegedly and on this celebration it was not).

He also noted that the reports that he was never close with her daughter, lying — up to 11 years old Megan has lived exclusively with her father and he has a lot of notes and cards from her.

I have still got the note on the fridge that says “I love you, daddy.” I got her a card every Valentine’s Day. “Dad, I don’t say how much you mean to me. The way I am, thanks to you. All I want is to be proud of me. Thank you, daddy,” she wrote in one of them.

Postcards Meghan Markle father

By the way, according to father Megan, he was surprised by the negative comments about his daughter, when the media called her irritable and rude (especially after reports about the conflict Megan and Kate Middleton).

Megan, I know, was always nice, kind and generous. She was always demanding, but never was rude. I don’t want to say or do to hurt my daughter, but I’m afraid that she’ll hurt herself. She’s never been rude to me. I can’t believe I did something so serious to me like she did

he said.

He can’t bear the prospect of never seeing your daughter and talk to her in person.

I was hurt by what happened, but I’m not going to be silent. My life was turned upside the head ever since my daughter met Harry. They treat me too harshly. Punishing me for something I never said. If she just talked to me, things could be different. I love Megan and want them to have with Harry was a beautiful and healthy baby and a wonderful life. I want them to stop believing lies,

— he concluded.

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