The father of Meghan Markle threatened with death

Thomas Markle

The father of Meghan Markle was back in the spotlight. But this time not because of his controversial remarks about the Royal family. As it became known to the Western media, 74-year-old Thomas Markle received messages with threats. To deal with it promised a Jose Sandoval, who is driving last week around the house Markle, shouted from his car the following:

I’ll kill you, you fat scoundrel (the original phrase sounds very obscenely. — Approx. ed.)!

— he threatened. A few days ago, he even slashed the tires of the car of the father of the Duchess of Sussex.

As it turned out, 49-year-old Sandoval jealous Thomas to her former lover 38-year-old Lori Davis. This woman is a former neighbor Markle, and her associated exclusively friendly relations.

Tom was a big supporter of me and my 11-year-old daughter Jocelyn, who calls him “uncle”. I’m sorry he got dragged into this cruel and humiliating situation. He is the most genuine and kind person I know

she said.

Thomas Markle

Some time ago Thomas Markle helped Davis and her daughter to move to another house, so that they feel safe, as ex-boyfriend had repeatedly threatened the woman and her child.

Jose terrorized us. My ex-boyfriend crazy. He repeatedly threatened to kill me and my daughter and repeatedly threatened life of the Volume

— Davis said.

After you have arrived in its address threats Davis wrote a statement to the police on her ex-boyfriend. Testified, and Thomas Markle, and then he again spoke to the media representatives, who spoke in detail about the situation.

I’m not worried about his own life. But I’m worried about Lori and Jocelyn. I swore that I will never give an interview, but the only reason I’m doing this now is that I hope the publicity will help save this woman who was abused

he said.

Thomas and Meghan Markle

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