The Federal budget deficit reached US 984 billion dollars

Дефицит федерального бюджета США достиг 984 миллиардов долларов

The budget deficit of the United States has passed for 984 billion – the highest debt in 7 years.

The Federal budget deficit in 2019 is estimated at 4.7 percent of gross domestic product and is the biggest since 2012, according to the Department’s budget in the U.S. Congress.

A deficit that increases annually in 2015, now at 205 billion dollars higher than in 2018, by 26 percent. Management warns that public debt remains fragile. A higher level of debt increases borrowing costs, makes it more difficult for the government to combat economic downturns and increase the amount of future costs is intended to cover interest expense.

Monitors budget noted that the main causes of the deficit are the automatic spending such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.