The film “City of lies” with johnny Depp was removed from the rental

Фильм "Город лжи" с Джонни Деппом сняли с проката

The Premier was to be held on 7 September 2018.

It seems that a successful acting career 55-year-old johnny Depp is heading down. Recently it became known that the Studio Walt Disney is preparing a new part of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but captain Jack Sparrow in the film is not invited.

Now, however, media report that are already finished feature film “City of lies” with Depp in the title role and is removed from the rental before the premiere. Moreover, according to some the reason for this decision was the johnny.

Last month the enviable reputation as an actor has deteriorated. So, the Manager of “City of lies” Greg Brooks took the actor to court because he had insulted him, was hit several times and offered money for something, so he hit back. After the incident, Greg was illegally fired.

Another reason could be a recent interview with Depp in which he admitted to problems with drugs and alcohol, and that often during filming forgets replica.

We will note, earlier the tabloids have already written about the fact that johnny behaves irresponsibly on the set. The actor is often late on the pad and comes in hung over. And in an interview he confirmed it. It is reported that the premiere of “City of lies” still held, but when moved the date is still unknown.

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