The Finns came up with a new trend that will appeal to lazy

Финны придумали новый тренд, который понравится лентяям

New Nordic trend.

Finally someone came up with the name for what we and so do all his life, reports the with reference to

In Finland alone at home, in shorts, with a glass of your favorite alcohol – the real national pastime, which even has its own name. Finnish “kalsarikännit”, it also “päntsdrunk” – drink at home alone, in my underwear.

What else do the Finns, in a country which is always cold? The trend has become so popular that it is even mentioned in guidebooks. Päntsdrunk is part of Finnish culture, a real national phenomenon.

Imagine interesting Scandinavian lifestyle even has its Emoji, which ordered the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Finland. They guy in shorts holding a beer and a woman drinks wine.

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