The five best movies with Emma Watson (Video)

Пять лучших фильмов с Эммой Уотсон (Видео)

Yesterday, April 15, the famous British actress and model Emma Watson was 28 years old.

Emma Watson was born in Paris but at the age of five, the family moved to England. At school, Emma decided that she wants to become an actress and starred in performances of the Youth of Arthur, the Happy Prince and the role of the angry cook in Alice in Wonderland.

At nine years old Emma Watson took part in the casting for the role of Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. And the girl passed the examination. That is the smartest witch in a series of films about Harry Potter Emma Watson received worldwide popularity. But in the career of the actress has other roles.

Good to be a wallflower

(drama, 2012)

Emma Watson’s first major role after Harry Potter. In the picture Good to be a wallflower we are talking about the young man Charlie, who is trying to find his place in life and to cope with the traumas of the past. Emma, who plays a friend of the protagonist Sam, becomes his best friend, a girl he first kissed, and the man who shows Charlie how to be himself.

Elite society

(crime drama 2013)

The film of Sofia Coppola, which tells about the lives of contemporary American teenagers, a business burglary of Hollywood stars. Here Emma Watson has become part of the company young thieves who wish to enrich themselves at the expense of other people’s clothes, perfumes and other expensive items.


(drama, disaster film, 2014)

In the biblical drama of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah Emma Watson is playing the refugee ILA, the adopted daughter of Noah, an old Testament prophet who built an ark for the salvation of mankind. To play in the film Aronofsky, and even with Russell Crowe is a great honor for the young actress.


(techno-Thriller, 2017)

College graduate Mae Holland gets a job at a large technology company in the Area that brings into a single system of electronic mail of its users, social networks, information on Bank cards and purchases. The result of this process is obtaining a universal online ID. But in practice, not all so smoothly… the Parents don’t share the choice may.

Beauty and the Beast

(musical, 2017)

In the remake of the animated feature Walt Disney beauty and the Beast Emma Watson played the main role and turned into attractive and dreamy Belle.

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