The Fouquet’s burned by the police? The rumors that have been flying on the social networks (video)

Le Fouquet's incendié par la police? La rumeur qui enfle sur les réseaux sociaux (vidéo)

On social networks, including Twitter, internet users defend themselves –video to support the thesis of a fire at the restaurant Le Fouquet’s , which would have been caused accidentally by the police on Saturday 16, when the manifestation of yellow Vests to Paris. The images, if they can be challenged, remain incomplete to confirm such a version.

It is an element that is for the moment that the state of rumor on social networks, but that agitates a part of the protesters or supporters of the movement of the yellow Vests. Internet users suspect that the fire of the store of the restaurant Le Fouquet’s on the Champs-Elysées, the images of which have particularly impressed and turned in the media, would have been fired accidentally by the police through a tear

The video and the commenters are based on several elements that they interpret as signs validating this scenario. On the images, where it can be seen from the fire on two places, these users will ensure that the fire is triggered after the tarp was affected by the tear that are actually visible rolling on the awning before falling to the ground. The supporters of this version also note that no breaker is not visible in the process of lighting the fire when it spreads. Which, if it is based solely on the video, also seems to exact, only a yellow jacket does not pretend to do that move being present, surrounded by many photographers. Third item: comments in the discussion threads of users and claiming to be the witnesses of the scene ensure have seen of the tear gas thrown on the tarp, the with inflamed.

If it is not, therefore, completely excluded that this version could correspond to the reality, the video remains an incompleteness to ensure with certainty that the forces of law and order are at the origin of the fire, quickly controlled by firefighters on the scene and constantly requested.

In addition to the inability to verify the authenticity of the online testimonials, the video only lasts about thirty seconds and the tarp is already on fire in the early images. Impossible to assert that the flames that have already destroyed the canvas does not have been lit by a breaker before the camera is filming the scene. In addition, if no “black bloc” action is visible in the film, they were able to be driven shortly before. The forces of order have effect spent part of their afternoon to disperse quickly the mobile groups that took quickly to the various formats. In addition, the restaurant Le Fouquet’s, a symbol held in contempt by a party of demonstrators, had already been trashed at mid-day by thugs who would have been able to attack a second time, during the second wave of vandalism on the avenue des Champs-Elysées.

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