The French President publicly scolded the teen for familiarity

Президент Франции публично отругал подростка за фамильярность

The President of France Emmanuel macron scolded the teenager, who familiarly approached him at the ceremony of remembrance of the victims of the French Resistance.When the Makron passed by the assembled youth, one of the guys asked him, “How are you doing, Manu?”, writes the with reference on Waspik.

The guy immediately hastened to apologize for his words, but the President of France has already chastised him and demanded more respect..

“You’re here in an official ceremony, and should be treated properly. You can fool around elsewhere, but today here are the “Marseillaise” and “song of the partisans”. Call me “Mr. President” or “Sir”. Okay?” said macron.

After a time, the head of state wrote in Twitter that the honor “is the minimum that should be in the country.”

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