The Frenchman makes record-breaking attempt to cross the Pacific ocean

Француз совершает рекордную попытку переплыть Тихий океан

French swimmer began his journey in Japan in an attempt to become the first man to have swum the Pacific ocean.51-year-old Ben Lecomte will swim for eight hours a day for more than six months before reaching the US West coast, reports the

He will face such hazards as sharks, storms, swarms of jellyfish and extremely low temperatures.

His act swimmer hopes to pay attention to awareness about climate change. A group of scientists will conduct a study during the voyage, long at 9000 km.

They will study plastic trash, and how the nuclear disaster of Fukushima has affected the ocean.

Lecomte, who lives in the US, daily prepared to swim in open water. He has also practiced exercises “visualization and dissociation” to be ready psychologically.

“The mental part of training is much more important than the physical” – he told the AFP news Agency. “You have to make sure that you always think about something positive.”

Preparation for the trip took more than six years.

This will be the first time in history, when man crossed the Pacific ocean.

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