The goats and marry your agent: what is known about the owner of “Golden ball” (photo, video)

Пас коз и женился на своем агенте: что известно об обладателе «Золотого мяча» (фото, видео)

Close to midnight on 3 December the football world learned the name of the new football king. During a gala performance at the Grand Palace near the Champs-elysées in Paris, the “Golden ball” best player in the world was handed a 33-year-old midfielder of real Madrid and Croatia’s Luka Modric, who in the past year for the third time in a row won the Champions League and became the Vice-champion of the world.

For the first time in 10 years the title of number one player on the globe has not got any of the “aliens” — Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Who is this puny Horvath with the growth of 172 cm and weight 66 kg, which is on the football field, it becomes a conductor of world — class- quick, nimble, kick with both feet, capable of giving the team not pass, and candy. The same kid who was always the smallest player in their teams, which is designed for normal children of the same age t-shirt hung XXL.

“When I was a kid, dreamed of playing in a great club, but the Golden ball was for me. This is incredible. Not only because I won this award after Ronaldo and Messi. Among those who participated in the struggle for this award, there are big talents. If I won, it’s only because I did something special.

I’m honored to be among great players. Trying to get used to the idea that I was among exceptional players who received “Golden ball”. The key to success? It’s hard to tell… Work, perseverance in difficult times. It is always hard to achieve what you aspire. But sooner or later the opportunity will appear, but you must be ready to seize the moment”, — did not hide their emotions Luka Modric, who received the prestigious award.

Luke doesn’t like to talk about his childhood. Like any Croatian boys growing up in the 1990s, many memories is a war. He was six when his family would flee in fear from his home in his native village at the foot of mount Velebit. December morning grandfather Modric came out with the goats. When by lunchtime he didn’t return, relatives began to search for the whole family. Found in the evening. Dead. Luka Modric Sr., and six more elderly residents of the village, executed by men in Serbian military uniform.

Пас коз и женился на своем агенте: что известно об обладателе «Золотого мяча» (фото, видео)

*It looks now the house where Luke was born

Modrychi decided to run. Packed, and empty house a few hours later on fire. Little Luke with his parents and sisters Yasmina and Djorou went to the Ghost town of Obrovac, where he built the hotel-refuge “Kolovare” for Croatian Bosnians. Parents of the future stars of football — aviation mechanic textile worker Stipe and daughter, radojka was looking for a new place where you can earn.

Soon the head of the family had gone to war. Every day, a small Bow out to the Parking lot of the hotel, kicked the ball and make sure something broke. With a crash of glass from the Windows out scared face, but instead of bombs on the street was flying the soccer ball… Modrychi lived in “Kolovare” seven years and was among the last refugees who left the shabby hotel.

Пас коз и женился на своем агенте: что известно об обладателе «Золотого мяча» (фото, видео)

*In this hotel family of refugees Modrica lived for seven years

“One day I got a call from officer “Kolovare”, which asked me to see a kid kicking a ball, — recalled Josip baylo, President “Zadar” team of the coastal city 40 kilometers from Obrovac called Modric in his Academy just after watching in the Parking lot. — He was very skinny and small for his age, but it was immediately clear that something special. Although we never dreamed that Luke will later grow up to be a star.”

Despite the fact that have a poor Croatian family had no money for anything (two years, lived without electricity or running water, barely scraped up the food), t-shirts and boots son, Stipe Modric always buy. Once the flaps, then the father Luke showed sharpness and planed shields himself from the tree. Later, the boys got a new pair of flaps, with a picture of Ronaldo that Modric was wearing until then, until began to play in the Dinamo Zagreb. “I was proud of, because the Brazilian Ronaldo was my idol. He was the real Ronaldo!” — remember the player.

Пас коз и женился на своем агенте: что известно об обладателе «Золотого мяча» (фото, видео)

*Onion small and Onion “small”

By the way, as soon as Luke got his first professional paycheck, he bought a house for parents. Look at the emotions of his father, when he found out that their son will be awarded the “Golden ball”: “Son, I’m the proud and happy father in the world. You are my genius. I can’t find the words… I am very happy. All thanks to your efforts and the work done. Your mother, your father and your family proud of you. I’m happy.”

School of football Luka Modric took place in the Bosnian “Zrinjski”. And eventually was back at home in Zagreb’s “Dynamo” (contract — for 10 years!), although he was rooting for another Croatian club “Hajduk”. By the way, this story repeats itself through the life of Modric: was rooting for Hajduk — was in the Dynamo, sympathized with Chelsea and Barcelona, and then fell into the hands of direct competitors — “Tottenhema” and “real”.

To conquer Albion Luke went in 2008, when Tottenham paid 16.5 million pounds. And four years later Modric wore a t-shirt of real Madrid, becoming the most profitable sale in history, “spurs”. To get the “kid from London”, the bosses of Royal club laid out the British 33 million in British currency. And certainly for the six years I have never regretted…

Пас коз и женился на своем агенте: что известно об обладателе «Золотого мяча» (фото, видео)

*The player of real Madrid with the Champions Cup

Modric does not like noisy parties and social outlets, preferring to spend his free time with his family. Wife of Luka Modric Vanja bosnic — his personal analyst and agent. They first met in 2004 at the Zagreb café “Plain” to discuss the future of Modric at Dynamo.

On the meeting agreed on the phone, chatted for three hours. Just a few years communicated, and in 2010, Luke and John, which is older than her husband by four years, and got married. By the way, a witness they had Vedran Corluka, who played together with Modric in Dinamo and Tottenham. A couple of weeks later Modrica born son Ivano, three years is the daughter of EMA, and in October last year — another daughter Sophia. All together in may of 2018 they congratulated the Pope with a victory in the Champions League and in the Cup of Kiev “Olympic”.

Despite the popularity of her husband (by the way, Onion is a cousin of the famous Australian football player of Croatian origin Brand Vituki), Ivan avoids publicity — it’s not in social networks. Family photos and bosnic Modric fans can enjoy only in the account of Luke. “You’ll never see Modric in a nightclub, wrote Marca. — But in the zoo — easily!”

Пас коз и женился на своем агенте: что известно об обладателе «Золотого мяча» (фото, видео)

*December 3, 2018. Luka Modric with his wife Vanja and the three children — a son Ivano and daughters EMA and Sofia during the awarding ceremony of “Golden ball” in Paris

At the 2010 world Cup, the Croats broke, having conceded in butt matches of the national team of England. At the world championship-2014 national team Croatia have not qualified from the group. And the 2018 world Cup, which Luke was the team captain, became Croatia’s most successful in history. The blazers won the title of Vice-Champions of the world, and Luke was recognized as the best footballer of the tournament. Soon the star of real Madrid, who in childhood was a goat herder in his native village, recognized as the player of the year by UEFA, then player number one in the referendum FIFA. And the third day of winter brought him the Golden ball, the highest individual award in world football. And let me remind detractors that the captain of the Croatia national team in 2018, has scored for the national team and the club just three goals (in the entire history of the “Golden” ball” less punches during the calendar year was only… goalkeeper Lev Yashin — or one in 1963), the grandfather of Modric, in whose honor was named Luke, probably would have been proud of his grandson — a frail, nimble, best…

voted best player of the year by FIFA.

Photo Getty Images, FC real Madrid

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