The government of Ontario has allocated for the fight against forest fires in the province $100 million (PHOTOS)

Власти Онтарио выделили на борьбу с лесными пожарами в провинции еще $100 млн (ФОТО)

The Ontario government added $100 million in funds earmarked for the fight against forest fires in the province.

Government of Ontario announced on Wednesday, August 8, explaining that in addition to the extra money and got the base funding in the amount of almost $70 million, which also goes to pay for the efforts for firefighters.

The Ministry of natural resources Ontario argues that currently, the province has 116 active wildfires, including 73 in the North-Western region and 43 in the North-East. For comparison, on Tuesday afternoon, August 7, there were 120 fires with the active centers of combustion.

The Ministry reports that the largest fire in the North-East, known as the “North Bay 72” and occupies the territory of about 30 kilometers to the West of Temiskaming shores has not increased in size and never goes out of control.

Another large fire, called “Parry Sound 33”, spread approximately 113 square kilometers, while the take control failed.

Nearly 1,000 firefighters from Ontario help, about 480 of their colleagues, and various support staff from other provinces and the United States and Mexico.

“This money will go to the continued efforts for firefighters, said in a press release the Minister of natural resources and forestry Ontario Jeff yurek. They will also give us the opportunity to pay for continued assistance from our partners outside the province and from abroad, so we can continue to fight fires on the ground and in the air.”

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