The Governor of California declared a state of emergency

Губернатор Калифорнии объявил чрезвычайное положение

The Governor of California declared a state of emergency

Author: Alina Dykman

Photo: Twitter/Allen J. Schaben

Los Angeles News California

Due to a forest fire raging South of Los Angeles, California Governor Jerry brown announced yesterday, August 9, in the state of emergency. At the same time, firefighters are still fighting the flames in Northern California, where it is very slowly losing ground fire “Mendocino” (North of San Francisco).

The state of emergency applies, above all, of the counties of orange and riverside. The fire burning in the Cleveland National Forest, threatens thousands of houses South of Los Angeles. Authorities urged people to evacuate. Appropriate orders issued for the 20 thousand inhabitants of the Golden state.

The spread of fire is favorable weather in southern California is dry, windy, and the temperature does not fall below +35…+36°C.

Law enforcers arrested the alleged perpetrator of a large-scale forest fire. If the fault of the 51-year-old Forrest Clark is proved, he faces a penalty of up to life imprisonment.

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