The great paintings of Notre-Dame will be restored at the Louvre

The great paintings of Notre-Dame de Paris, damaged in particular by the fumes from the fire that struck the cathedral, should be transported from Friday to the Louvre for restoration, announced the Minister of Culture Franck Riester.

“The great paintings of Notre-Dame de Paris did not suffer damage related to the fire, but rather the smoke,” he told the press that questioned him near the cathedral.

“They can be removed from Friday presumably and safely transported to the Louvre reserves where they will be dehumidified and restored,” said the minister.

In addition, “the large Roses (the rosettes of the religious building, Ed) have apparently not suffered catastrophic damage.”

“The architects of buildings in France are mobilized to ensure the safety of the site as a whole. There are points of vigilance, especially the north transept gable, “said Franck Riester.

“The vault should a priori hold. You have to be very careful. There are three important holes. The architects are defining with the firefighters of Paris the best measures to take to preserve what is most threatened, “he concluded.

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