The group islamic State has lost its last redoubt in Syria (the White House)

Le groupe Etat islamique a perdu son dernier réduit en Syrie (Maison Blanche)

The White House said Friday that the group jihadist islamic State (EI) had lost its last redoubt in Syria, even as fighting continued to be reported in the field of confrontation of Baghouz.

“The caliphate territorial of the AR was eliminated in Syria,” said the spokesman of the White House, Sarah Sanders.

Questioned on the fact whether the organization jihadi had lost 100% of the territory that it occupied, Ms. Sanders replied: “Yes.”

The president, Donald Trump has shown to journalists two maps of the areas previously held by the group islamic State, showing the situation in 2016 and the current situation.

“Here’s the AR on the day of the election (president in 2016), and here is what we have today”, he said pointing to one of these cards, the second of which was no longer state of the lower presence of the AR.

Mr Trump was speaking on the descent of the presidential plane Air Force One, before joining his private residence, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida.

The billionaire republican has already used the cards on Wednesday at the White House to announce the imminent fall of the “caliphate” self-proclaimed of the AR.

Contacted by AFP, the u.s. Defense department has refused for the moment to comment.

The democratic Forces in syria (FDS), an alliance of arab-kurdish, backed by Washington, are battling jihadists cornered in a small area at the edge of the Euphrates river, on the eastern edge of Syria.

The clashes with the last of the jihadists of the group islamic State continues in the village of Baghouz, in the east of Syria, said Friday a spokesman of the democratic Forces in syria (MSDS) involved in these fights.

“Small groups of the AR that refuse to go launch attacks, and our forces responded,” said Adnane Afrine.