The group O. Torvald will give the last concert in Kiev

Группа O.Torvald даст последний концерт в Киеве

In 2015, rock band became one of the most popular teams in the country.

During the festival Atlas Weekend-2018 frontman of the group O. Torvald Jack Galich said from the stage that the team is leaving for a year in a sabbatical.

And on 19 August at the Green theatre O. Torvald will play a farewell concert before the break. Ukrainian rock band O. Torvald, led by frontman Eugene Galich performs on stage for thirteen years.

Behind the musicians a long way from club performances to solo in front of thousands of audience. The band have recorded 7 albums, hundreds of concerts, tours all over the country and abroad, as well as victory in the National selection for song contest “Eurovision” and even the record of Ukraine.

In 2015, rock band became one of the most popular teams in the country, the musicians took part in more than 20 festivals in Ukraine and Europe. In 2017 the group won the National selection of song contest “Eurovision”. In the same year, changed the composition of the group, and the world saw a new mini-album “Bside”.

O. Torvald is constantly evolving and improving, what pleases their numerous fans, of which Galich Eugene says #Nasrudinov.

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