The Group of the Vigil at the Avignon Festival

The “in” program of the Festival d’Avignon, next July, will have Quebec accents, with the Group of the Vigil and the actor Emmanuel Schwartz, who participate in Nous, Europe, banquet of peoples , great poetic and historical text signed Laurent Gaude and directed by Roland Auzet.

This international project will be defended by actors of several languages ​​and nationalities (France, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Canada), in addition to a choir formed by a crowd of citizens. The show involves nine companies in its production, including La Veillee.

“It is a privilege to be able to participate in a collective project of creation of such magnitude. It’s really exciting! “, Says Carmen Jolin, artistic director of the Prospero Theater and Theater Group. “The play does not only deal with the history of the Old Continent, but also with global issues: the opening of borders, immigration, the rise of xenophobia.”

Moreover, on the site of the event, the director of the Avignon Festival, Olivier Py, believes that the theater needs these epic and poetic narratives “to avoid being empty and to represent only the violence of power And to build a more just society with a healthier connection to the world. “For this, we must disarm solitudes and make theater an art of the future,” he wrote.

From Center-Sud to the City of the Popes

La Veillée’s participation in an international project at the prestigious Festival d’Avignon is a great adventure for this avant-garde company located in Ontario, in the Center-Sud. This theater does not have the means of big institutions.

With us, Europe, banquet of peoples , Mrs. Jolin reaps the fruits of her passion and artistic vision. For three years, she has created links with the author of Listen Our Defeats , Laurent Gaude, and the director Roland Auzet. The Avignon project is an extension of its exchanges and collaborations with Act Opus, the company run by Auzet.

Three Quebec representatives are part of the production: Carmen Jolin will be an artistic collaborator; Emmanuel Schwartz will go on stage; finally, Pierre Laniel will take part in the design and the video installation. They will be in Lausanne, Switzerland, for a laboratory work in mid-April, then go to Perpignan, France, for rehearsals in June. The play will be presented from July 6 to 14.

The Return of Territories of Words

First, a reading of fragments of Nous, banquet of the peoples will be delivered by Emmanuel Schwartz and Thibault Vinson on May 7th at Prospero, as part of the Territoires de paroles festival. The third edition of this event dedicated to the exploration of scriptures and new dramaturgies will be held from April 30 to May 11 at Prospero. During two weeks, the public is invited to discover the sketches of stage works, to hear unpublished texts.

“This year, authors from La Francophonie [France, Haiti] are adding to the program to celebrate the word in all its diversity and its multitude,” says Ms. Jolin. With a project of international creation, a festival and the programming of its new season, the spring of the artistic director will be charged.