The Guardians of the galaxy 3 : the director of Bumblebee responds to rumors






Ah, we can say that Disney has put in all alone in an established James Gunn as a messy this summer. It cafouille on the side of the Guardians of the galaxy 3 and we want to say “well done for them !”.

Not because it’s good, we have still not digested the way James Gunn has been release 6 months ago, without any consideration, whereas he had given so much to the MCU by proving that we could make a film about heroes unknown to the general public, and decide on the general tone of an expanded universe as a whole.


James Gunn, who died for our sins


Nevertheless, despite all the shit that it has triggered, The Guardians of the galaxy 3 is still expected. Good by cons will have to be patient since the shooting has been shifted from February 2019 to February 2020, which ensures us a film to at least 2022, or even 2023. And, the way things are going, it is not safe to still be there when the film comes out. It is also to play with the climate.

However, The Guardians 3 has to solve still a big riddle : who’s going to direct the film ? And it is true that neither Disney nor Marvel has not really communicated about this for months, leaving several rumors swell, such as those relating to Taika Waititi, director of Thor : Ragnarok, the successor logical and natural to James Gunn at the controls of the project.

However, another name came up regularly on the net, the one of Travis Knight, the producer of the spin-off Bumblebee that will be released on our screens on the 26th of December next.




When asked about his subsequent career after the first film live per the Italian site Bad Taste, Travis Knight took the opportunity to dispel the rumor and assure that, no, it is not him who will be The Guardians 3 :

“After Bumblebee, my goal is to go back to working in my animation studio Laika, my baby, bringing with me all the experience I have gained on this movie. I’m a big fan of what Marvel has done, it won’t be a surprise for anyone if I say that, as a child, I devoured the comics. But no, it’s just a rumor.”

If it is not more advanced on the identity of the producer of the Guards 3, at least we know who will not. And, in the state, it is already good to start somewhere.


Ah it was the good time my good lady !

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