The gunman, who helped the occupation of the Donbass, got off with probation

Боевик, помогавший оккупации Донбасса, отделался условным сроком

A resident of Novopskov district, Luhansk region, who participated in the so-called “referendum for independence LNR” in the spring of 2014, got off with probation.

This reports the press service of the Prosecutor General.

“The court has appointed to the man punishment in the form of 5 years of imprisonment with release from serving punishment with probation period of 3 years”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that prosecutors presented enough evidence that in may 2014, the man agreed to organize the illegal “referendum” in the village of Zakitne.

Established that the man invited the local residents to participate in “voting” and settled in at the country club of the so-called “electoral Commission” and served as “a member of the election Commission.”

It is reported that the man admitted his guilt in the Commission of specified criminal offenses, repented and contributed to “solving the crime and exposure of other accomplices,” and also signed the agreement on recognition of guilt with the Prosecutor.