The Haven : a young girl kidnapped and savagely beaten by 3 teenage girls

Le Havre : une jeune fille séquestrée et sauvagement battue par 3 adolescentes

The events took place on the 28th of August in le Havre, Seine-Maritime.

This evening, a young woman of 18 years had a rendezvous with three young girls of 17, 18 and 19 years of age who were to render him the documents.

But, in fact, it was an ambush. Once in the apartment, the trio locked the door. They were then tied up on a chair with the big tape.

Then, during several hours, they beat her with fists, knees and feet. They have also pulled the hair and forced him to insult herself a “bitch”.

One of the attacking has filmed and published videos on social networks.

They were then brought in friends and in a park, before you bring it back to the apartment. Each time, under the threat of a knife, the victim was violently beaten by his abductors.

It was blood and had a broken tooth. This is finally one of agresseuses, taken remorse, and was freed. She makes believe to his accomplices that she was going back to the famous boys they had seen a little earlier to get it out and let it free.

The 3 suspect were arrested. The 2 major have been placed under judicial custody, the minor in an educational centre closed.

The victim was about to prescribe six days of ITT.