The head of the Toronto police force: the number of officers serving during peak hours, not decreased (PHOTOS)

Глава полиции Торонто: количество офицеров, несущих службу в часы пик, не сократилось (ФОТО)

The chief of police of Toronto mark Saunders tries to rebuff the suggestion that the new wave of armed violence in Toronto is partly to blame for the reduction in the number of officers. According to him, the number of those of them who patrol the streets at night peak hours, for the last five years has not changed significantly.

Saunders made a similar comment on Wednesday morning, July 11, responding to recent criticism of the head of the Police Association Toronto Mike McCormack.

McCormack said Tuesday, July 10, that the streets work for 800 officers less than it was seven years ago, and that the downsizing of police stations at least partly to blame for the spike in crime recorded this summer.

Saunders, however, told reporters Wednesday that the number of officers working from 22:00 until 03:00 o’clock in the morning, for the last five years has not changed by more than seven people, and, in his view, it is very important that the public understand this.

“In yesterday’s statement said that officers was less than 800. The reality is that when we’re talking about their distribution, numbers from 2013 to 2017 indicate the same. This means that 245 officers working in key hours, when committed most violent crimes, and about 125 police cars, ready to depart on the challenge, he said. – Mention the fact that this is a problem when we are talking about the modernization plan, we have to mention that most of the calls we receive now is not an emergency. Our officers are dealing with many issues that, frankly, in my opinion, we should not understand”.

This year the police service Toronto to take the service of a further 200 officers, although to date been employed only 57 people.

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