The Heist of the century: in Ivano-Frankivsk foreigner wanted to steal two hundred “kinder”

Ограбление века: в Ивано-Франковске иностранец хотел украсть двести «киндеров»

The man tried to take out of the store chocolate for the sum more than 4 thousand.

A foreigner temporarily residing in Ivano-Frankivsk, tried to make from the supermarket almost two hundred chocolate eggs “Kinder surprise” for the sum more than 4 thousand, reports the with reference for Today.

“Yesterday, the police received a message from employees of one of the shopping centers in Ivano-Frankivsk about the theft of goods: milk chocolate “Kinder surprise” in the amount of more than 4000 hryvnias”, – noted in the message.

By departure on a scene the investigative task force established that a citizen born in 1960 tried to steal goods valued in the amount of 179 pieces. He was trying to put in a plastic basket and a backpack. Chocolate is placed under the responsibility of the administrator of the shopping center. Investigative actions are carried out.

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