The Hollywood star became a victim of the swindler

Звезда Голливуда стала жертвой мошенника

The actress has lost a Bank card.

Demi Moore robbed the crooks, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The incident with the star happened in March, but became aware of it only now.

As it turned out, the support of American Express received a message from a 35-year-old David reed, demi Moore allegedly accidentally lost his Bank card.

After that, the attacker intercepted the sending of a new credit card.

While police were busy searching for the perpetrator, he went to the elite shops and managed to spend on new clothes is $169 000.

The fraudster identified by surveillance camera footage.

Reid now sits in a prison in Los Angeles.

As for demi Moore, she refuses a request to comment on the incident.

American actress know for roles in “Ghost”, “big trouble,” “Mortal thoughts”, “the butcher’s Wife” and many other films.

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