The ICE official, who called immigration prison “summer camp” went on increasing

Чиновник ICE, назвавший иммиграционные тюрьмы «летним лагерем», резко пошел на повышение

The ICE official, who called immigration prison “summer camp” went on increasing

Author: Maxim Boriki

Photo: adviseshow

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The American media has analysed the career path of one of the senior officials of Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) and found a strange trend. It turned out that Matthew Albans, previously called the detention centers for migrants “summer camp“for the past 18 months, rose swiftly up the career ladder. Typically, employees need ICE yearsto deserve such a promotion.

Just 1.5 years he went from one of the many employees of the Department of ICE, to the position of the head of the immigration division of the Agency. And so, last week Albenza appointed Deputy Director of ICE. According to experts, the rapid ascent of the career of this officer so that the trump intends to continue to follow the policy of “zero tolerance” against illegal immigrants.

Former employees of ICE are sure that in near future the Federal Agency will increase pressure on people who illegally came to the United States or violate the terms of stay in the country. Aggressive tactics used by the Immigration and customs police, therefore, got the full support of Donald trump. Obviously, the U.S. President does not intend to make any compromises in this matter.

Representatives of human rights organizations are already preparing for the deterioration of the situation with observance of rights of illegal migrants. They note that the man who calls immigration prison “summer camp” is unlikely to be guided by universal norms of behavior.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Donald trump is going to complicate the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship to legal migrants. A proposal, according to insider sources in the White house, will be published in the near future.

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