The ice on the street: the doctor advised what to do if you suspect a fracture

Гололед на улице: врач посоветовал, что делать при подозрении на перелом

Slippery walkways, icy stairs transitions — and a sad end on 29 November in Kiev: to the traumatologist asked 53 people, of which nine were children. This “fact” has told the head a press-services of the Department of health of Kyiv city state administration Natalia Vishnevskaya: “Some victims get to the emergency room alone, and someone called the ambulance — it depended on the nature of the injury”.

Most often injured ankle, bone in the wrist joint, the clavicle, if falling on its side, explained orthopedic trauma polytrauma Department of the Kyiv city clinical hospital No. 17 Yuri Poroshenko. — If a man falls, holding his hand, the possible dislocation of the humerus or a fracture of her neck. Not uncommon and a bruised back of the head, injury to the coccyx when falling backwards.

According to the doctor, the injuries often receive elderly. With age, deteriorating motor coordination, develops bone fragility (osteoporosis). Plays the role of a sudden disruption of blood supply to the brain, which occurs dizziness.

If a person fell and was injured, you need to fully eliminate the load on the damaged joint: immobilize the arm or leg means at hand using a plate, a thick piece of cardboard and a scarf or a belt, and as quickly as possible to go to the doctor.


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