The IG Nobel prize “found” the most ridiculous study of the year

Шнобелевская премия "нашла" самые нелепые исследования года

Here is research.

The prize is awarded for the most strange and funny – often without clear practical application – scientific research, which, as written in the Charter awards, “first make you smile and then make you think,” reports the with reference to

In fact, the IG Nobel prize – an original American version of the WHC. Scientists laugh at himself and his colleagues, turning the ceremony into a comedic theatrical performance with elements of the absurd.

This year, for example, it simultaneously translated into five languages – Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and cheese (that’s right, cheese: the fifth “translator” was just named a random variety of cheese).

Said all the “translators” at the same time and a single microphone, trying to parse it impossible word.

The awards ceremony was interspersed with a performance of the pieces are written specially for the ceremony of the comic Opera “the Broken heart”, and the prize was a roughly cut in half a cardboard heart, from which protruded wires.

Since the award is a joke and may offend some of the authors of serious scientific works, the organizers of the ceremony do not publish the list of nominees in advance, but first notify the winners personally to have the full right to refuse participation.

However, as noted by the organizers, most of the winners are not averse to laugh at themselves and reward gladly accept.

The duration of speech is strictly limited to exactly one minute. Then on a scene there is 8-year-old girl, choke laureates shouting “Enough, I’m bored!” – as long as they don’t shut up.

While the IG Nobel prize awarded to real, serious scientist. For example, Nobel prize winner for physics 2010, Andre Geim became the owner of a Nose ten years earlier – for his experience with the “flying frog.”

French and physics, which received in 2006 the Nose behind the study “mystery spaghetti,” he inspired the Americans to further his research, which bore fruit a few weeks ago.

But let’s move on to the winners.

The winners

The prize in the category “Anthropology” was awarded to Swede Thomas Persson and his colleagues for the study of animal behavior at the zoo, proved that living there chimpanzee parody of people no less – and no worse – than the people parody chimpanzee.

Award in the field of “Biology” went to the team of scientists led by Paul Becher, who experimentally confirmed the true connoisseurs of wine can one smell to accurately determine the presence in the glass of a single fruit fly.

Paula Romao and her co-authors from Brazil won the prize in the category “Chemistry” for the study of the cleaning properties of human saliva and its potential use to fight against dirty surfaces.

In the nomination “Medical education” prize was awarded to a Japanese Akira Horiuchi. The name of his scientific work is: “Colonoscopy in the sitting position: lessons from self-colonoscopy”. No comment.

Prize for literature was awarded to a team of scientists from Oxford, it is experimentally proved that people who buy sophisticated equipment, almost never read the accompanying manual.

James Cole estimated that the diet of cannibals far less calories than most conventional diets, for which he was awarded in the “Food” category.

The peace prize went to the team of scientists from Spain and Colombia, for his work”Screaming and swearing while driving: incidence, causes, risk and punishment.”

A special reaction of the audience caused the award in the category “Reproductive medicine” – it went to the team of scientists from USA and Japan, learned to apply postage stamps to determine the frequency of nighttime erections in men.

And finally, the prize for Economics was awarded to researchers from China, USA and Singapore, proving that mockery of a voodoo doll representing a hated boss, do reduce the stress level of employees and benefit their mental health.

At the end of the ceremony, the Shnobelem all winners according to the tradition, congratulated the real Nobel laureate – this year he became a Professor at Harvard’s Oliver HART, in 2016, who received the Nobel prize in Economics.,

“If this year you didn’t win an IG Nobel prize – and especially if you won it! – I wish next year you have more luck”, – summed up the comic ceremony of her master mark Abrams.

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