The IMF estimates the damage from possible cyber attacks on banks

МВФ оценивает ущерб от возможных кибератак на банки

Any predictions is difficult to do.

The damage from cyber attacks on financial institutions could potentially be between $100 billion to $350 billion per year, which would undermine the banks ‘ profits and may even threaten financial stability in General, said the international monetary Fund (IMF).

“Potential average annual losses from cyber attacks can be large — close to 9% of the net receipts of banks on a global scale, that is about $100 billion In hard scenarios when the frequency of cyber-attacks twice in the past and they are easier losses can be 2.5-3.5 times more — $270-350 billion (per year)”,— said the Director of the Fund Christine Lagarde.

She has presented research Foundation, which analyzed the recent losses from cyberattacks in 50 countries. Lagarde noted that any forecasts to do difficult, because large-scale successful cyber attack on the financial system yet was not.

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