The king admired the installation of a Network of humorous videos

Король монтажа восхитил Сеть юмористическими роликами

Funny work Zach king. Star Instagram continues to surprise with the unusual commercials, which cleverly combines reality with fiction

American Director Zach king has gained wide popularity due to the unusual viral videos, the main character who is himself, reports the with reference to “Commander in chief”.

King known as the master “Vaino” – six-second clips created in the same mobile application Vine. In this format, since 2013, he takes on himself an unusual history, lavished with special effects.

These videos he publishes on his page in Instagram, which has already signed more than 21 million users.

First blogger to edit videos on MacBook, and then went to study Director and editor, at the California school of Biola University.

In 2008, king has launched its own web site who got the name from a beloved blogger program Final Cut Pro. He became famous after the publication of the video with unusual effects called Jedi Kittens Strike Back in 2011. Then, the video has received over 13 million hits.

He also starred in the advertisement of Turkish Airlines, is devoted to the safety rules on Board the aircraft. In the video king demonstrates safety rules on Board with video editing. He turns the laptop into a sheet of paper from the scheme of the cabin makes the plane and his shirt becomes a life preserver.

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