The latest DNA tests helped solve the rape and murder of a child committed in 1988

Новейший ДНК-тест помог раскрыть изнасилование и убийство ребенка, совершенное в 1988 году

The latest DNA tests helped solve the rape and murder of a child committed in 1988

Author: Alina Dykman


Indiana DNA

Sunday, July 15, the police arrested a resident of Indiana for the rape and murder of 8-year-old girl, whose body was found in a ditch 30 years ago.

According to 59-year-old John Miller. Get it managed with the latest DNA technology.

According to police of the state of Indiana and the city of Fort Waynewhen they came to Miller and asked if he knows what want to talk to him, the man immediately replied: “April Tinsley”.

8 year old April Tinsley disappeared April 1, 1988. As recognized by Miller, the day he kidnapped the girl and drove to his trailer, where he raped and strangled. The body of a child he had kept for almost a day, and then thrown into a roadside ditch.

The first clue the police appeared only in 2004, when the killer, obviously emboldened by impunity, were left in three different locations in the city pictures of his body, used condoms and notes the following content: “hi, honey, I’m watching you. I was kidnapped, raped and killed April Tinsley. You’re next”.

However, it took another 14 years before DNA technology allowed us to narrow it down. The police had reason to suspect Miller and his brother.

Now John Miller is in jail Allen County. He was charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder.

We will remind, in April of this year, a California maniacknown as the Killer of the Golden state, was also caught thanks to DNA technology.

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